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Custom Signage

SKU: 5455
  • *Signage orders need to be placed a minimum 2-3 weeks in advance.*


    Place Cards
    $0.50 per name (first, last priced sep)
    $0.50-1 per paper
    lasercut place cards approx $3/ea


    Signature Drinks Sign
    11x14 $30
    12x16 $30


    Menu Sign
    16x20 $40


    Welcome Sign
    18x24 $50
    20x32 $50
    arch $65


    Seating Chart
    $0.50 per name (first and last priced sep)
    $25 header
    $4-15 board rental
    $10-40 mirror rental


    painted back $3-10 per
    embellishments $tbd


    Approx $2.50 per inch

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